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Charles W. Loaring Clark


Charles William Loaring Clark (Jan. 13, 1894 – June 17, 1915) was born in London, England. His family left England for the United States at the turn of the century while his father was studying as an Episcopalian minister. His father, Dr. W. J. Loaring Clark, became the minister of St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Charles attended the Sewanee Military Academy and also attended the University of the South and the University of Chattanooga as a transient student, studying to be an Episcopal minister like his father.

Charles W. Loaring Clark left school and travelled to Toronto, Canada to enlist in the Canadian Infantry when war was first declared between Great Britain and Imperial Germany in August 1914. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant and served in the 3rd Canadian Infantry Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles. The 3rd Canadian Battalion was sent to England in October 1914, but remained off of the immediate frontline on the Western Front until June 1915. They were assigned to the trenches near Ypres, France and attached as assistance to the British 7th Division. On June 15, 1915, the British 7th Division with the 3rd Canadian was ordered to assault the opposing German trenches. Lt. Charles W. Loaring Clark was wounded by enemy fire while charging the German trenches. He was recovered and sent to a military hospital in Calais, France where he succumbed to his wounds the next day on June 16th.

Lt. Charles W. Loaring Clark is buried at Beuvry Communal Cemetery in Nord-de-Calais, France. His mother, Ada Loaring Clark, directed the American Red Cross efforts out of Chattanooga, Tennessee and his younger brother, Harry J. Loaring Clark enlisted in the United States infantry when they joined the war in 1917. A plaque is dedicated in memory of his service in the All Saints Chapel at the University of the South.



  • Rank:Lieutenant
  • Branch: Canadian Armed Forces
  • UT Major/Affiliation: University of Chattanooga
  • Hometown: London, England