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Floyd M. Byers (Army)       Audio | Transcript
 Childhood in Tracy City, TN; Enlisted 1948; 82nd Airborne stateside; 43rd and 5th Infantry Division, Germany, 1952-55, public relations; Warrant Officer School and Flight School (OH-13, H-19); Germany; 1960-64; Sikorsky C-H34 OH-6, OH-58, Huey, CH-47 Chinook; 1965-66 First Air Cavalry Div. Vietnam; Ia Drang Valley air support; Highlands; 1966-68 Germany; 1968-69 Vietnam, Mekong Delta; Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry; Retired 1978; Post-war, Tennessee Airways office manager and vice-president for passenger traffic.

Bobbie Collins (Marines)          Audio | Transcript

Born in 1942 in Knoxville, TN; Childhood in Knoxville before enlisting in the Marine Corps out of high school in 1959; stationed at Subic Bay, Philippines. 1961-1962; family life and choice to re-enlist for a career; Mediterranean Tour before first tour in Vietnam, 1965; heavy equipment operator in Khe Sanh, Huȇ, and Da Nang; handling Agent Orange; second tour started in 1969 at Dong Ha; downtime and interaction with Vietnamese; Okinawa and Camp Fuji, Japan in 1970; stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1974 until retirement as Gunnery Sergeant in 1979; Post-service career working at AA Awning, and North Knoxville Baptist Church.

John “Jack” S. Daniel Jr. (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Born in 1932 in Clarksville, TN; Father was a Major in Army, long military lineage, mother and father died, sent to Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon, TN for high school; Virginia Military Institute for bachelors in History, joined army; trained at Fort Benning, GA, Airborne school, Ranger school; Sent to 8th Infantry in Germany, then to Special Forces School in Fort Bragg, NC; deployed to Vietnam in 1966 with 1st Ranger Group; Retired Lt. Col.

Fred Hart (Army Combat Engineer)       Audio | Transcript
Born in June 1946 in Nuremburg, Germany; father an American serviceman; mother a German from Essau; returned to the U.S. in 1948; early life in Knoxville, TN; memories of John F. Kennedy; graduated high school in 1964; moved briefly to San Francisco; enlisted in the National Guard as a truck driver; trained at Fort Benning; drafted in 1966; served in Vietnam 1966-67; 69th Engineer Construction Battalion; Vung Tau Army Base; worked with the 9th and 93rd Battalions; worked as a transport and engineer service; 93rd Engineer Battalion; engaged in the Tet Offensive; visited Saigon; postwar; married in 1948; two daughters; many different jobs.

George Massey (I) (Special Forces)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood in Greenville and Fayetteville, Tennessee during WW II; visits to Knoxville; segregation; undergraduate study and ROTC at the University of Tennessee; infantry training at Fort Benning; assignment to 5th Special Forces; Special Forces Camps and operations in South Vietnam 1966-1967; relationship with South Vietnamese soldiers; Montagnards; return to Fort Benning; reassignment to Vietnam 1970-1971; rotation system’s impact on family life; assignment to Germany 1976-1979 and interactions with NATO personnel.

George Massey (II) (Special Forces)       Audio | Transcript
ROTC and infantry training at Fort Benning; assignment to Germany to 10th Special Forces; language training; reassignment to 5th Special Forces; advanced officer training; Army perception of Special Forces; operations in South Vietnam 1966-1967, 1970-1971; Vietnamization; graduate study at Vanderbilt University and assignment as an ROTC instructor; Command General Staff College; Germany 1976-1979; Fort Bragg, Special Forces instructor; Professor of Military Science, Eastern Washington University; retirement from the military; work as a stockbroker; retirement to North Carolina; perception of current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Marvin Mathiak (Army)       Audio | Transcript

Childhood in Horicon, WI; family background; undergraduate work University of Wisconsin-Madison (1963-1967); discussion of student radicalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and 1970 bombing; recollections of 1968 riots in Chicago; drafted June 1969 after finishing Master’s Degree at University of Chicago; Basic Training at Fort Campbell, KY; Advanced Infantry Training, Fort Poll, LA; assignment to 1st Calvary Division, June 1970; invasion of Cambodia; discussion of jungle fighting; Kit Carson Scouts; return to the United States; reception of veterans; post-war life.

Fred Owens (I) (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood in Edison, Georgia; father’s service on U.S.S. Arizona; activities with the Civil Rights movement as a teenager; interest in radical wing of Civil Rights movement; enlistment, 1960; assignment to the 3rd Infantry Division; time in Germany; standoff with Eastern Bloc troops in Berlin, 1961; race relations in the military; discussion of pre-Vietnam military; peace keeping operations in Angola; transfer to 11th Air Assault Division, 1963; training in heliborne attacks; redesignation as First Calvary and deployment to Vietnam, 1965; Chu Pong; An Khe; operations in Happy Valley; Pleiku campaign; Ia Drang Valley.; changes in unit composition after Ia Drang.

Fred Owens (II) (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Bon Song I & II operations; wounded, recovery in Japan; return to the United States; readjustment to civilian life and Post Traumatic Stress.

Col. John W. Patrick (Ret.) (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood and life in Detroit and Highland Park, MI; recollections of Pearl Harbor and war time life on the home front; Wayne State University; drafted April, 1943; Fort Benning, GA; role as instructor; deployment to Korea, 1945-1947; assignment to the 7th Infantry Division; life in Korea; ROTC instructor; deployment to 1st Infantry Division, Germany, 1950; integration of the military; reassignment to Taiwan, III Corps Operations adviser; return to Korea, 1961 as part of VI Army operations staff; Korea government coup, 1962; testing of nuclear munitions in Nevada; ; promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, assignment to Vietnam; preparations for deployment, including language and cultural training; adviser to South Vietnamese troops, promotion to colonel, return to the United States; thoughts on draft vs. volunteer military.

Samuel A. Shipman (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood in Lauren, SC; desegregation of schools; Clemson University; ROTC; officer’s commission, Army engineer school, For Belvoir, 1966; life on base; assignment to Germany, 1967-1968; civil engineer projects and planning for Soviet invasion in Germany; interactions with civilians and life in Germany; deployment to Vietnam, 1968; 62nd Engineering Battalion, IV Corps, Mekong Delta; jungle clearing operations; tunnels, harassment by Viet Cong; Lai Khe, work with Ist Infantry Division; interactions with Australian, Korean, and South Vietnamese troops; Vietnamization; interactions with Vietnamese civilians; differences in morale between combat areas and base camps; return to the United States; perception of movies about Vietnam; activities in the reserves; work with Tennessee Valley Authority; road building in Panama, 1985; confrontation with Panamanian Defense Forces; Operation Just Cause and overthrown of Manuel Noriega; introduction of female soldiers into unit; Operation Desert Storm; retirement from military, 1994.

Ed Shore (Marines)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood in Maryville, TN; College years at the University of Tennessee; Air Force ROTC; Farmhand for a local dairy farm; Marine OCS at Quantico, VA; 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment and 1st Battalion, 27th Marine Regiment; Platoon interactions (“fragging,” etc.); Hue City; Field conditions during patrol; Operation Allenbrook; Go Noi Island; Wounded June 15, 1968; Marine psychological response in combat; Okinawa; Period as agricultural advisor in Vietnam; Tet Offensive – posted in Hue; Phu Bai; Infantry weaponry; Contact with Australian and South Vietnamese forces; Return home and discharge; Employment with Upjohn Corporation; Career in construction.