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Jerome Altenburg (Army)       Audio | Transcript
409th Engineer Brigade; 523rd Engineer Pipeline Company, Service in Pusan, Korea 1953; Career as Salesman Manager and Factory Distributor 1954-1972 and 1972-1994. Conditions in Korea; R&R in Japan; Impressions of officers; duties as supply officer; Post-war, finding work.

Gordon R. Beem (Navy)       Audio | Transcript
USS Athene, 1945; Supply tech, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing, Korea; Service in Germany, 1950s-60s; career in health management

Stanley Duhan (II) (Navy)       Audio | Transcript
Graduate of Virginia Tech; Air Force Reserves, 1951; Senior Project Engineer on Titan/Atlas Program

Perry G. Goad (Army Combat Engineer)       Audio | Transcript
Born 1932 Albany, KY; Childhood in Sunbright, TN; Enlisted 1951; Combat engineer; D Co,13th Engineer Battalion, 7th Infantry Division 1952; Roads, Bridges, Minefields; Transport from Basic Training to Seattle and on to Korea; Combat experience; Construction duties; Conditions in Korea; R&R in Japan; Impressions of officers; Post-war, finding work; Semi-professional baseball player; 34 years at Harriman Hosiery.

Hermes Grillo, M.D. (Marines)       Audio | Transcript
Born in Boston, 1923; childhood during the Great Depression; attended Brown University; attended Harvard Medical School; practiced neurosurgery; Naval surgeon in Korean War, 1951-52; Second Division, Company D; trained at Camp Lejeune; MASH; worked with 1st Marine Division and Fleet Marine Force; Postwar; married with four children; distinguished professor at Harvard University; World renowned expert in thoracic surgery; author of the textbook, Surgery of the Trachea and Bronchi; died in car crash in Italy, 2006.

James R. Henderson (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Early life, Queens, NY; mother was Margy Taylor, actress & singer; drafted during Korean War; Basic Training at Fort Dix; 60th Infantry Regiment, 7th Army; Germany, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Olm; Postwar career in the NYPD, patrolman and detective, 1957-1977; Medal of Honor presented by mayor and police commissioner.

Dr. Andrew Kang (I) (Civilian/Researcher NIH)       Audio | Transcript
Civilian in Korea during WWII/Korean War; “Yellow Beret;” Medical researcher.

Dr. Andrew Kang (II) (Civilian/Researcher NIH)      Audio | Transcript
A follow-up discussion of Dr. Kang’s medical career and research.

J. C. Mason (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Pre-war life in Maryville, TN; Father, brothers, cousins served in military; Enlisted November, 1951; Basic training, Fort Ord, CA; 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment; Arrived Korea, June 1952; Kumhwa Valley; Combat against Chinese and North Koreans; Wounded at Triangle Hill; Post-war; National Guard service.

P. Neal O’ Steen (Navy)       Audio | Transcript
Prewar life in Bedford County, TN; Enlisted Jan. 1941; Philadelphia Naval Hospital until Dec. 7, 1941; Naval Recruitment Station, Philadelphia until June, 1943; Sole medical staffer aboard USS ATR-23, rescue tug, in eastern Pacific, 1943-1946, Pharmacist’s Mate, First Class; U.S. Navy Reserve 1947-1951; Korean War at Norfolk Naval Air Station 1950-1951, Chief Hospital Corpsman; Postwar; UT-Knoxville, Class of ’50, Journalism; Kingsport Times, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot; Director of Publications at UT-Knoxville, 1957-1985.

Col. John W. Patrick (Ret.) (Army)       Audio | Transcript
Childhood and life in Detroit and Highland Park, MI; recollections of Pearl Harbor and war time life on the home front; Wayne State University; drafted April, 1943; Fort Benning, GA; role as instructor; deployment to Korea, 1945-1947; assignment to the 7th Infantry Division; life in Korea; ROTC instructor; deployment to 1st Infantry Division, Germany, 1950; integration of the military; reassignment to Taiwan, III Corps Operations adviser; return to Korea, 1961 as part of VI Army operations staff; Korea government coup, 1962; testing of nuclear munitions in Nevada; ; promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, assignment to Vietnam; preparations for deployment, including language and cultural training; adviser to South Vietnamese troops, promotion to colonel, return to the United States; thoughts on draft vs. volunteer militaries.

W. Lewis Wood (Navy)       Audio | Transcript
Born 1925, Starkville, MI; family background and childhood in Memphis, TN; Great Depression; University of Tennessee; 1943; enlistment in Navy, 1944; training Fort Oglethorpe, Aviation Electronic Technician; training, Great Lakes Naval Station; discussion of advanced electronics training; stationed Corpus Christi, TX; released from Navy, 1945; work with power plant, Little Rock, AK; return to University of Tennessee; ROTC; enlistment, 1950; infantry training; assignment to the 45th Infantry Division; racial tensions during desegregation of the military; front line experiences; tensions between reservists and regular Army personnel; Japan, interactions with Japanese and Korean civilians; interactions with Commonwealth troops; Yonchon Corridor; awarded Bronze Star; return to the U.S.; feelings about Korea and China.