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McKinney Lecture

The Colonel John B. McKinney Lecture on War & Society


Col. John McKinney

The Center for the Study of War and Society wishes to acknowledge the generosity of Colonel and Mrs. John B. McKinney, U.S. Army, Ret. for providing the financial support that made this series possible. Colonel McKinney, an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a veteran of the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam. After retiring from the service, he embarked on a second career in business as chairman and CEO of ITT World/Communication.

Past lectures:

2008- Dr. Howard Jones, “Dangerous Interventions: The Bay of Pigs and Beyond”

2007- Peter Silver, “Fearing and Fighting Indians in Eighteenth Century America”

2006- Robert Buzzanco, “Hawks as Doves: Military Dissent in Vietnam and Iraq”

2005- Lewis Carlson and Alexander Jefferson, “Oral History, POWs, and Popular Myths: A Case Study of a Tuskegee Airman & Other Prisoners of War”

2004- Reina Pennington, “Offensive Women?: Women in Combat in the Red Army”

2003- Kathryn Weathersby, “Fifty Years of Armistice in Korea: Lessons for Today from Communist Archives”

2002- Carol Reardon, “Gettysburg in History & Memory”

2001- Jeremy Black, “War, Technology, and the Rise of the West: 1450-2000 Reconsidered”

2000- John McManus, “Deadly Skies: The Reality of Aerial Combat in World War II and the Americans Who Flew the Missions”

1999- Conrad C. Crane, “The Cigar Who Ignited the Fire Wind: Curtis LeMay and the Incendiary Bombing of Cities”

1998- G. Kurt Piehler, “Reconsidering the Good War”

1997- Allan R. Millett, “Understanding is Better than Remembering”

1996- D’ Ann Campbell, “Training Women to Kill Men: The World War II Dilemma”

1995- Edward J. Drea, “Previews of Hell: American Intelligence and the Invasion of Japan”

1994- Edward M. Coffman, “Sidelights on World War II”

1993- Terry Copp, “The Sharp End: The Canadian Soldier in Normandy, 1944”

1992- Lee Kennett, “Sherman vs. Georgia: Some Reappraisals”

1991- Thomas Childers, “Tours of Duty: Life and Death in the 8th Air Force”

1990- D. Clayton James, “MacArthur: Flawed Genius”

1989- Robert L. O’Connell, “Why Men Make War”